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  • MADE WITH ADRENALINE Developed in free fall by base jumper Jokke Sommer, the Base 15L is our first backpack designed especially for urban adventures. Dropping this fall.

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  • SKIERS AND SNOWBOARDERS ARE DOUCHEBAGS Since the very beginning, we have planned to develop a snowboard Douchebag, and after last year’s massive request, there was no way that we would disappoint our fans. The upgraded Douchebag is designed for both skis and snowboards, making it a truly one size fits all product. Finally, snowboarders can travel like a real douchebag! Buy Now

  • EVEN DOUCHEBAGS NEED A HUG The Hookup system fully integrates The Hugger with The Douchebag turning the two products into one single unit. The system is placed straight above the wheels of The Douchebag where the weight of The Hugger has no torque, making the unit feel light as a feather.

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Lago Grey, Chile | : @marcadamus Lago Grey, Chile | : @marcadamus Douchebags
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